Hurrayyy!! Congratulate yourself for making it to our “About Us” page because very few make it to this page.

Whether it’s your super curiosity or your boredom that has got you here, we are thankful to it and super excited to give you a little insight of behind the scenes at BongCnection.

You often read stories of entrepreneurs who came up with a billion-dollar idea over a glass of beer with friends and that is surely not us.

We are a duo of college mates who were interested to do something for Kolkata, as we have a strong love and feel for the city. The sense of calm this city exudes along with its vivacious art and culture makes it one of the most unique cities of the world and it’s impossible to resist the magic of this city.

We came together because we had a focus of creating creations based on Kolkata and so most of the designs we create or sell,are out of love for the city.

The word “Bong” is not related to smoking which you might have thought, but it signifies a connection with Kolkata. So, what could be more relevant than a name like “BongConnection”? But as we were late in being entrepreneurs, many people have already used the name in different occasions and for that we needed to create a different name. Hence “BongCnection” was created and with this creation we focus on taking the essence of Bengal and its culture to people, all over India and the world.

We believe in “More creativity – More Friends” and it is surely great fun to please our friends with our creative designs. We are hungry souls always craving for more and so if you have a creative thought or design, do share with us. Who knows, you may win some goodies or rewards, being the best and we may upload your design with your name in our website.

Thank you and do keep us in touch with you.


BongCnection is a company registered in India under enlistment number 66554 whose registered office is at 94/37 Nayapatty Road, Kolkata 700055.

Phone: +91 8884020260 / +91 9836913219.
Email: [email protected]